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MAX7480ESA+, фильтр НЧ Ind SO8 купить

MAX7480ESA+, фильтр НЧ Ind SO8 купить от магазина Телеметрия
Maxim Semiconductor
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MAX7480ESA+, фильтр НЧ Ind SO8

The MAX7480ESA+ is a low-pass Butterworth Switched-capacitor Filter for ADC anti-aliasing and post-DAC filtering. The 8th-order switched-capacitor filter (SCF) operates from a single +5V supply. The device draws only 2.9mA of supply current and allows corner frequencies from 1Hz to 2kHz, making it ideal for low-power post-DAC filtering and anti-aliasing applications. The MAX7480 features a shutdown mode, which reduces the supply current to 0.2µA. The MAX7480 Butterworth filter provides a maximally flat passband response. The fixed response simplifies the design task to selecting a clock frequency.

• Low noise and distortion (-73dB THD + noise)
• Clock-tunable corner frequency
• 100: 1 Clock-to-corner ratio
• Low power
• ±5mV Low output offset

Maxim Semiconductor
soic-8(0.154 inch)

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