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LTC1562IG-2, SSOP20 купить

LTC1562IG-2, SSOP20 купить от магазина Телеметрия
LTC1562IG-2, SSOP20 купить от магазина Телеметрия
LTC1562IG-2, SSOP20 купить от магазина Телеметрия
Linear Technology
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LTC1562IG-2, SSOP20

The LTC1562IG-2#PBF is a low noise/distortion active rc quad Universal Filter with rail-to-rail inputs and outputs, optimized for a center frequency (fO) of 20 to 300kHz. Unlike most monolithic filters, no clock is needed. Four independent 2nd order filter blocks can be cascaded in any combination, such as one 8th order or two 4th order filters. Each block's response is programmed with three external resistors for center frequency, Q and gain, using simple design formulas. Each 2nd order block provides lowpass and bandpass outputs. Highpass response is available if an external capacitor replaces one of the resistors. Allpass, notch and elliptic responses can also be realized. The LTC1562-2 is designed for applications where dynamic range is important. For example, by cascading 2nd order sections in pairs, the user can configure the IC as a dual 4th order Butterworth lowpass filter with 90dB signal-to-noise ratio from a single 5V power supply.

• Continuous time-no clock
• Butterworth, chebyshev, elliptic or equiripple delay response
• DC accurate to 3mV (typical)
• ±0.5% Typical center frequency accuracy
• Zero-power shutdown mode
• Single or dual supply, 5 to 10V total
• Resistor-programmable fO, Q, gain

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Linear Technology

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